June 28th 7:00pm

Ray Beliveau, President – Seminole CERT

BIO : Ray Beliveau, President – Seminole CERT

A longtime Seminole resident, Ray Beliveau has resided in the same home for  35 + years. Married to his beautiful wife, Patty, for 40 years. He moved her here from AZ and she is a former City of Seminole – City Clerk. They have two grown children, a son, his superstar and daughter, his princess. Ray has four extra special grandkids (3 girls and a boy) that he loves to spoil and then give them back (don’t we all ...)

Ray is a proud Navy veteran, receiving his draft notice and Associates degree in the same week. After service, he obtained his BSME -  RIT in Rochester, NY, a co-op school. He has held various manufacturing engineering and management positions during a 44-year career, both here in Florida and Arizona. He is a true “soccer nut” as a player, coach, referee, and now lives the beautiful game via his son and grandson.

Since retiring Ray is quickly developing a history of volunteering. It all began with his attending the city’s Citizen Academy. He next took the CERT Basic training classes to prepare his home, which has led, as one of the founding members, to holding the role the president for the last 2 terms. He is most proud of the team's work during both Hurricane Irma and Ian. He enjoyed being part of the city’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee, which lasted 2 ½ years because of Covid. His latest involvement is as the City/College advisory board member for the joint use library and its 20th joint use anniversary in August. 

Basically he just wants to “give back” to the community by looking to do more. Ray is excited to share his passion about the Seminole CERT group. 

April 2023

Thank you to The City of Seminole for the generous grant awarded to the museum. 

Adopt-a-Mile Dates:
June 17, September 30, and December 16


Join us quarterly for Adopt-A-Mile, 8:00 am — 9:00 am as we clean up the 1 mile stretch of Old Oakhurst Rd (74th Ave). Meet at the Museum. Bring yourself, a pair of gloves, closed toed shoes, and a mask. Pickers, bags, and buckets will be provided.

We will social distance as we walk.

Museum Open
2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month

Every Thursday

Hours: 10am-1pm

We are now offering private tours for groups.
Please call 727-871-6826 for more information.

See the calendar to confirm open dates.
Practice social distancing within the museum.

 The Seminole Historical Society
and Museum 

The Seminole Historical Society was founded to highlight historic artifacts, documents, articles and buildings in Seminole. Its purpose is to ensure that our children and future generations will have a place to go to learn about stories of families from the past who helped create our present, so that we can carve the future.

Members of the Seminole Historical Society can be individuals, families, institutions, or businesses. 

Please see our membership page for detailed information.

Seminole exists because of the dreams and actions of those who came before us. Did you know that in early 1860's individual settlers with names like Archer, Campbell, Cobb, Duhme, Grable, Meares, Moody, O'Quinn, Sartorius, Thevenet and Tyler were the pioneer settlers in the Seminole area? They were followed by more pioneers with names such as Johnson, Leach, Longley, Repetto, Thurston, and Whittle. 

These early settlers found tall pines suitable for building their homes, ample land to raise their cattle, and plentiful wildlife such as turkey, deer, quail to feed their families. 

In 1910, the Seminole area was comprised of just 75 people. The 1920 Census shows names of orange grove owners and farmers living side by side next to each other on one very long road. We know it as Duhme Rd, or 113' Street, or Ridge Road. These families were, O'Quinn, Hinckle, Meares, Johnson, Leach, Brumby, Duhme, and Thevenet. 

The Seminole Historical Museum is a gathering place for the dreams of the past and the rich history of our community. The museum is a place for telling stories of those who are no longer here to tell them for themselves.

We welcome you to our website and invite you to visit our beautiful museum to learn about the stories of those "dreamers" from our past who have helped create our present and future.