Seminole Historical Landmarks

Hartman's Point - The southeast point of the Bay Pines property. Mr. Hartman had a long dock there. It was used by freight boats and there was a sawmill there for awhile. This point was also known as Turtle Crawl at one time. It seems that some turtle fishermen had a pen there where they could keep turtles until they had enough for a shipment.  Map location #15

Log Cabin - This cabin is across the street from the Seminole United Methodist Church. One of the oldest standing buildings in Seminole.

Seminole United Methodist Church - Located at 5400 Seminole Blvd, Seminole.

Seminole Elementary School - The name Seminole Elementary was established by Capt. A.A. Archer in 1890. Seminole Elementary was built on its current site in 1914. The brick building in the northeast corner of the campus is the original building.

Meares Lake - Some say the lake was formed by a natural spring. The lake is on the former Albert and Dell Meares homestead. Today a feature of the Seminole City Park.

White's Landing - John White's Landing. Fish camp, boat landing, picnic grounds and an important place in the community for a long time.  Map location #16

Dave Murray Grove - This property was later owned by Mr. A. Grable, who enlarged the grove and later sold it to the Brumbyfamily. The Brumbys still have a home on part of the land.    Map location #21