We are writing you on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Seminole Historical Society in order to solicit your input regarding the future statue of our Blue Water Tower.

As you may be aware, without citizen intervention Pinellas County's Board of Commissioner's current plans call for the June 2017 demolition of the Seminole Water Tower.

Recently a Seminole High School Student launched an on-line petition on Change.org to save the Seminole Water Tower (click here to respond to the Petition). Since this petition was posted more than 350 local residents have now signed this petition asking and urging the Pinellas County Commission and the City of Seminole to seek a way to save this Seminole landmark.

Many of our fellow residents have made passion'ed pleas for saving the water tower, and these are just a few examples of their comments.

  • Being active duty military I cherish my home town more than ever before, Seminole is my home just as much as it is home to the water tower! - Kendra F.
  • The tower is an iconic landmark for Seminole, so is important to our community. Nancy D.
  • This is how everyone knows where the heart of Seminole is. And now my children recognize it as the same. This is not ok! - Ashley T.
  • was born and raised in Seminole and for 21 years the water tower and park is part of my life. I now live in Alaska and when I come back to visit, seeing the tower and park brings back great memories! I take pride in showing my children the tower and park. They should be given to the City of Seminole! - Betsy A.
  • I care about the history of our city, state and country. This water tower is an iconic part of Seminole. Leave it alone. If you need vacant property tear down some of the NEW ugly structures. - Cathy P.
  • This icon is part of Seminole- it IS Seminole. Please don't tear it down. Let current and future generations of Seminole enjoy it's beauty - Cherie Nix
  • I'm signing this because as a resident of Seminole for the last 23 years this tower not only has been a landmark but it's become a point of interest for anyone new visiting this great city. "Save the water tower" - Victor V.
  • Growing up here, this was our landmark. As I grew older and left for college the tower was something i also looked forward to seeing, it would give me butterflies knowing I was close to home. Let it live! - Alexander M.
  • I love the watertower. It is SEMINOLE - Diane Z.
If you would like to register your support for saving Seminole's Blue Water Tower please voice your opinion today. We will be providing the results of this on-line petition to the Mayor and County Commission in the coming days.


Sent on behalf of The Board of Directors
The Seminole Historical Society