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The Etter Family

Jeff and Sue Etter
Sue and I have been residents of Seminole for the majority of our lives.

My life in Seminole dates back to 1968 when my Mom first began working for Ron Mason State Farm Insurance at what was then the "new" Seminole Shopping Center.  My very first "job" as a kid was to put promotional flyers for Ron Mason on the windshields of cars in the shopping center parking lot.  

In 1970 my first real "jobs' in high school were working at retail stores in the then new, beautiful Seminole Mall.  Like so many high school kids of that time, the Mall played a huge roll in my social life with the stores, movie theater and food.  I have such great memories of what a wonderful place the Seminole Mall was when I was a kid.

After college I moved back to Seminole full time in 1977 and have lived here almost continually since that time.

Sue grew up on Cleveland, Ohio, and moved to Florida in 1980. She moved to Seminole in 1982 and has lived her since that time.

Sue and I raised our children, and now grandchildren, in Seminole.  We've spent decades with kids and grandkids feeding the ducks at the Seminole City Park, taken kids and visitors to Orange Blossom Groves for the soft serve orange ice cream, and held family picnics at the Lake Seminole County Park.  We now are able to enjoy such wonderful events like the Music In The Park during the fall, as well as the many other events throughout the year.

Our kids had the benefit of attending our wonderful Seminole area schools including Seminole Elementary, Seminole Middle, Blessed Sacrament and Seminole High School.

We are proud and grateful residents of Seminole!