Community Quilt Submission

Reserve Your Quilt Block On The Seminole Community Quilt
For Your Family, Loved Ones and Community Business Now!

The Seminole Historical Society and Museum invites you to participate in telling your families "Seminole Story" on our Community Quilt.  You can reserve a block (or multiple blocks) on our quilt for your family, a loved one, or your Seminole area business for a one time donation of $100 per block.  We will place your chosen "name" on the quilt block on the website and then create a hyperlinked webpage that people will be able to visit when they "click" on your block.

Your basic Seminole Quilt block can contain your story, a picture (.JPEG) and even a YouTube video if you choose to provide one.


Payment can be made to the Seminole Historical Society via check.

Quilt Information Submission:

Send your information to

Additional Services:

If you would like to have a high quality, edited video created for your Seminole Quilt Block video production and editing services are available from Etter Ventures, LLC. For additional information on video production services please contact


The Seminole Historical Society is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization. Click here to download a copy of our IRS designation letter. Your donation / contribution may be deductible. Please check with your tax professional for additional information.

The Seminole Historical Society reserves the right to edit submissions. The Seminole Historical Society, makes no claim to historical facts in personal submissions. Where there is documented proof of historical events or persons submitted, we shall post such evidence.  
The Seminole Historical Society expressly reserves the right to refuse any content that is deemed at the sole discretion of Board of the Society to be inappropriate, defamatory, or unacceptable for any reason so deemed by the Board.