Our Mission Statement 
To research, record, and preserve the history of the Seminole area and its founders (i.e. settlers). To endorse, preserve and restore historical buildings, places, documents, artifacts and memorabilia. To provide a museum to educate the public and children; to display and house historical artifacts; and to share in keeping the past alive to all. To establish a fellowship, proud of its past which strengthens the community and the Seminole area. 

2015 Seminole Historical Society Board of Directors 

2017 Elected Officers 
President - Michele Abramo
1st Vice President - Sue Etter 
2nd Vice President - TBA
Recording Secretary - Gina Van Leuven
Corresponding Secretary - Celeste Horn
Treasurer - Betsy McBride

Parliamentarian - Gloria Douglas
Historian - Jimmy Vines
Members at Large
 Eva Jones, Marilyn Mohney,
Lou LaGrande,

Special Events - Marion Chamberlain
Immediate Past President - Sandy Holloway
Program Director - Jeff Etter
Information Technology - Etter Ventures

Our Founders – Holland Mangum, Dorothy Phillips 

Past Presidents – Dorothy Phillips, Kristen Oliphant, Michael Saylor, Sandy Holloway

Dates below are for the Society Board Members
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